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Welcome to the Ugandan Community in Netherlands website! We hope that you enjoy browsing our website, and that you find a lot of useful information. We expect the information on this website to be of particular interest to Ugandans living in Netherlands. However, anyone interested in the community welfare is likely to find this information useful. Don't forget to tune in to our UCN RADIO LIVE STREAM for more updates.  




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Prof Maggie Kigozi:

Prof Maggie Kigozi:

Positie Prof. Kigozi will be one of the guests during the 1st edition of UNBC on 25-08-2017

Over Prof. Dr. Margaret Jean Blick Kigozi simply known as Maggie is a highly motivated leader who is knowledgeable, has excellent organisational skills, global networks and media savvy. Her main focus areas are business, entrepreneurship, Leadership and Women Economic Empowerment. A female role model A motivational speaker in the areas of Leadership, business and specifically an expert on women in Business. Acheived and implemented many donor projects from the IFC, World Bank, ILO, European Union, Islamic Development Bank, IFAD, GIZ, Vital Voices, USAID, Iceland in various business related activities. Made presentations in many fora globally to Business associations in many countries, World Bank fora, IFAD, UNCTAD, UNIDO, UNDP, AGOA fora, African Union, TICAD, Commonwealth Business Council Made presentations in many fora regionally - COMESA, EAC, Africa Business Round table, ECOWAS. Contributed to the new positive view on Uganda, East Africa and Africa's potential through promotional presentations and through the media. Nurtured Public Private Sector Dialogue. As secretary to the Presidential Investor Round Table acheived many changes towards improving the Investment Climate in Uganda. Land for development has been made available in Industrial Parks and a data base of land for Agriculture. The UIA Women Entrepreneurs Network has positioned business women favourably in government, private sector and the media. They have received preferential treatment in access to credit and capacity building. All commercial laws are engendered before being passed. Saving Lake Victoria through better fishing practices. This consultancy has high lighted the problems on the lake and action is being taken to save the lake. Training undertaken: Investment Promotion and Investor Facilitation Best practices in Government Procurement Public Private Partnerships SME development Entrepreneurship skills Corporate Governance Corporate Social Responsibility Customer Care Finance for Non Finance Managers CLeaner Development Mechanisms Environmental Protection Policy Advocacy and Better Regulation Gender Economic Empowerment Sector Expertise in Commercial Forestry, agriculture, Tourism, Leather and Leather Products, pharmaceuticals, Mining, Petroleum, ICT, Education, Health etc. Industrial Park Development. Strategic planning

Engineer Elton Joseph Mabirizi

Engineer Elton Joseph Mabirizi

Live on UCN radio this sunday 11-6-2017

About: 40-year-old soft-spoken engineer Elton Joseph Mabirizi is the joint Independence flag bearer, during the presidential Elections in 2016.

Capt. Michael Mukula,

Capt. Michael Mukula,

Capt. Michael Mukula,

Over George Michael Mukula, commonly known as Mike Mukula, is a professional pilot, and businessman. He represented Soroti Municipality from 2001 to 2016 in the parliament of Uganda. He is a member of the ruling National Resistance Movement and served as state minister of health from 2001 to 2006. UCN RADIO Live Broadcast: Diaspora in Action 28-05-2017


Upcoming Events


26-04-2017, 23:10

White & Black Integration Party Leeuwarden, The Netherlands. 10th June 2017

White & Black Integration Party Leeuwarden, The Netherlands. 10th June 2017. Our partnering Hotels, The Westcord WTC Hotel and The Stenden Hotel Leeuwarden are granting a 10% discount rate additional to their...   Meer


Invitation Uganda day 2017

INVITATION TO THE UGANDA COMMUNITY DAY IN THE NETHERLANDS Dear Sir or Madam, The Ugandan Community in the Netherlands (UCN) cordially invites you to attend the UCN day on the 26th of August 2017 in...   Meer


Seminar: Parenting

Ugandan and Friend, Parenting is an exciting phenomenon, it is timeless and boundless hence the connotation "Parenting is a full time job". Over many generations and across all races, studies continue to...   Meer



Dear Ugandans and friends in the Netherlands Recently the Ugandan Community in the Netherlands invested in acquiring an online community radio. This came as a result of many calls and suggestions from...   Meer