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Welcome to the Ugandan Community in Netherlands website! We hope that you enjoy browsing our website, and that you find a lot of useful information. We expect the information on this website to be of particular interest to Ugandans living in Netherlands. However, anyone interested in the community welfare is likely to find this information useful. 

Uganda Netherlands Business Convention (UNBC) 2019

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 Brief report UNBC 2018

The Ugandan Community in the Netherlands (UCN) in partnership with the Uganda Embassy in Brussels organised the 2 nd edition of the Uganda Netherlands Business Convention (UNBC) a two-day interactive event that focused read more


Preparations Uganda Netherlands Business Convention

With the Ugandan Diaspora ever increasing, our interests cannot get ignored anymore. Last week the Dutch and Belgium Ugandan community representatives met a Foreign affairs delegation from Kampala at the Uganda Embassy in Brussels to discuss issues pertaining Diaspora recognition.

Issues such as Ugandan Diaspora profiling, National ID registration, DUAL citizenship, Rights to vote, SIM card registration and Imports taxation among others were discussed.

  • As a pledge, the Uganda Netherlands Business Convention in Amsterdam has been placed to be a pivotal link in gradually aiding to achieve the above mentioned issues and also promoting Uganda in the European Union.


With all due respect and gratitude, I salute all the Ugandans and friends of the community for attending/participating at the Uganda-Netherlands Business Convention and the Uganda Community day. Bravo for all your input!!

And to you the volunteers, There was never going to be any way of pulling off 3 big events in 2 days without all of your tireless efforts - Again, a great reminder that whenever we unite, success shall always be guaranteed.

A report of these events will be published soon and In the coming weeks, we shall meet with the volunteers to give/receive feedback on our performances and to strategies on our opportunities for the future.

Once again, we are reminded that our communing is only meaningful with unity at the forefront.