Ugandan Community in the Netherlands
One diaspora one voice

UCN DAY 2016

Good day compatriots,

Congratulations UCN!!! Eventually a day organised by Ugandans in the Netherlands and friends, not by friends and Ugandans in the Netherlands was celebrated and is here to stay. With all due respect and gratitude, let us all cheer and salute the organising team for reaching this stage. Bravo!! Now after that mammoth turn up, Don't we all know what unity and determination can deliver?

#UCNday2016 was a day where many people interacted informally but seriously with each other in a social and sometimes business-like manner. This was the time for networking, reawakening of business dreams, sourcing international finance for your business idea, sourcing international companies to invest in Uganda with a role for yourself in there, seeking for your desires and ensure satisfying them, exchanging business ideas openly with other prospects but above all have fun in the various sporting activities that were lined up. I hope you all enjoyed the traditional Ugandan music, dances & dishes!!

To many, presence did not come on cheaply, but i am convinced that in the end every minute spent at the event was worth it. Be kind to tell the story to your friend who missed out so that next year they can be there to celebrate with us.

I particularly feel indebted to my fellow executives of UCN, including the new ones, for their tireless voluntary efforts towards the uplifting of our community in the Netherlands in all possible ways. And to the very many volunteers on this particular day, a very big round of applause to you all. On behalf of myself and the community at large, thank you so much UCN executive, history will judge you sparingly. And may you chop more energy from God!!

To my fellow Ugandans in the Netherlands and our friends I say ‘agali awamu gegaluma enyama’. Noonya ekitambula otomere, tosumagira! Be ambitious!! Tap into other people’s strengths! Enjoy!!

A Luta continua!!!